Wednesday 3 June 2020

Manuia le vaiaso o le Gagana Samoa! Happy Samoan Language week!

Last week in Room 2 we celebrated Samoan Language week by reading the big book 'Lavalava'. We wrote our own story about when we like to wear a lavalava.  We learnt how to sing 'Happy Birthday' in Samoan because it was Luke's birthday last Wednesday.  Mrs Fala shared a pineapple with us.  Pineapples grow in Samoa.  Did you know the Samoan word for pineapple is 'fala'.  We listened to music from Samoa and had a go at learning how to siva.


We have been learning about Fractions.  Our focus has been learning about - a whole, a half 1/2 and a quarter 1/4.  We made honey toast and cut our toast into quarters.  We also used paper plates to create a fraction display.

Back to school - Bears, Bubbles and Bees!

When we returned to school after lockdown we were allowed to bring in our favourite bear to keep us company at school.  It was so nice to give our Bears cuddles throughout the day.

In lockdown we had been living in our family bubble.  We decided in our first week back after lockdown we should blow some bubbles at school. Ms Scanlan worked with us to create bubble art work.

It took us a few days to complete our Bubble Art.  We started with our background and then we used a limited palette to create our bubbles.

We had spent a lot of lockdown learning about Bees.  When we came back to school we continued our learning.  We know Bees are so important for our flowers and gardens to grow.  We also know we couldn't have honey for our toast and baking without Honey Bees.  We read a story about Bumble Bees.  They have very big bodies and small wings they collect pollen to help our flowers and our gardens grow.

Friday 20 March 2020


On Tuesday it was St Patricks day. We started our day with a special liturgy in the hall organised by our Special Character leaders and Room 5.  Rosa and Emma entertained us with some lovely Irish dancing.  
Back in Room 1 and 2 we spent the day in our green clothes learning more about St Patrick and how he lived.  We listened to Irish music, we tried doing some of our own Irish dancing, we learnt songs in Gaelic with Miss Irish and decorated green cupcakes with Mrs Fala.  It was a wonderful day celebrating the Irish culture and learning more about the Patron Saint of Ireland.